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Distinctions | lime twig
Our hallmark is
extraordinary creative work.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce creative and highly impactful marketing campaigns.
Quite simply, our designers, writers, production artists and photographers are among the most
talented anywhere. We give them room to express their talents while ensuring that every detail
propels your message into the hearts and minds of your target audience.

We get to know
you inside and out.

We detest plain-vanilla marketing. That’s why every aspect of your marketing campaign will
truly express the heart and soul of your organization. With every new client, we establish a
substantial “discovery phase” during which we live in your skin. We examine and understand
your culture, your people, your systems and your world. We get to know you and all of
your audiences inside and out. Only then, will we seek to convey the very unique essence
of your school.

We understand
higher education thoroughly.

Any college or university is a complex machine, with its own systems, terminology and
schedules. And, after focusing solely on education for 25+ years, it’s a world in which we
are completely at home. We also know that every campus comes with many stakeholders,
from faculty to athletics, admissions to administration, alumni to parents. We know how
to navigate those waters and address everyone’s concerns.

We truly act
as your partner.

We are a boutique firm, very much by design. We don’t want to be big; we want to be your
partner—the one you can count on. So we dig in with you, share knowledge and creative ideas,
and put our “all” into your campaign. We deliver an extraordinary creative product with the
highest level of service. That’s why we take on just a limited number of projects each year,
often turning down more projects than we accept.

We keep on
top of trends.

We have to, because your audience is constantly changing the way they communicate.
We help you meet them on their turf with tools they like to use. They can view videos on
a smartphone, explore an engaging microsite, or immerse themselves in the beauty of
your campus via the printed page.

We foster
successful results.

We certainly have numbers to prove how our work has made applications spike or increased
admit yield. But here’s how we measure results: the longevity of our client relationships.
We’ve partnered with many of our clients for well over a decade and we fully encourage you
to contact any one of our clients to find out what they really think.