Cal Tech

Caltech Undergraduate Recruitment

Every once in a while, a school comes along for which really smart humor is the right answer. Caltech is one of those schools and we love playing off their quirky nature! We’ve been creating projects for their undergraduate recruitment efforts for years and just recently created this primary collateral piece based on the Institute’s new brand identity.

The Genius of Caltech; 2014-15 Findings

The new Findings piece is designed specifically for the scientifically and mathematically oriented brain, with fun little features on every spread like a “Techer Quirk” and an entry for the “California Institute of Prankology.”

2014-15 Findings: Caltech Theories

Each spread introduces a new “Caltech Theory.” For example, the Theory of Connectivity expands on the critical elements that bond the Caltech Community; while the Theory of Attraction discusses the gravitational pull of world-class research opportunities and facilities around the world.

2014-15 Findings: Social Dynamics

Even having fun and getting involved at Caltech can be sometimes quirky and heady, as explained by the Caltech Theory of Social Dynamics. Just ask a Techer about Ditch Day!

Periodic Table of Caltech

To create this poster, we converted every entry on the Periodic Table of Elements into a “Caltech-ism.” The purpose: to introduce the quirky personality of Caltech early in the recruitment process. This poster has become a collectible—and not only among new recruits. It even found its way onto the stately walls of the Caltech President’s office!

Periodic Table of Caltech

46Pd may officially represent Palladium, but on the Periodic Table of Caltech it stands for “Prank Dollars” which are disbursed from an official Techer Prank Fund by a faculty co-conspirator. Likewise, 32Ge (commonly known as Germanium) means Genome in Techer speak—a reminder that Caltech researchers contributed two key inventions to the Human Genome Project.

Field Guide to Techer Identification and Behavior Patterns in the Campus Habitat

Used as a closer to reinforce Caltech’s personality as distinct from all other competitors, this Field Guide introduces recruits to all aspects of Techer behavior patterns.

Field Guide to Techer Identification and Behavior Patterns in the Campus Habitat

Distinguishing Features and Environmental Adaptions of the Techer are presented on this page, along with their Native Habitat and Related Species.

Field Guide to Techer Identification and Behavior Patterns in the Campus Habitat

Social Behaviors are discussed here, with special attention given to Seasonal Rituals and Mischievous Behaviors. Also discussed: Knowledge Hunting and Gathering, Habitat and Diet, Physical Fitness and, finally, Migration Patterns.

Postcard Series

Do you ever…didgeridoo? That is just one of five compelling questions presented in this postcard series that Caltech mails to high school sophomores and juniors. This series grabs attention, builds interest and keeps Caltech on the radar screen of up-and-coming prospects.

Postcard Series

It’s Caltech… . A question about Mars is a given!

Prediction Postcards

We added a set of three additional postcards presenting “predictions” to target several specific student demographics. Along with great weather, messaging concentrated on great financial aid and stellar outcomes: “While we have not solved the equation of human time travel with our work in biological propulsion, we can comfortably predict that Caltech grads will enjoy bright futures.”