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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | lime twig

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Undergraduate Enrollment Campaign

Embry-Riddle offers the world’s most comprehensive collection of academic programs focused in aviation, aerospace and security. Its two residential campuses, in Arizona and Florida, had previously run separate enrollment strategies. In Fall 2013, this brand initiative brought a unified voice, look and powerful presence to university-wide enrollment efforts. Anchored by the key descriptive words upon which the campaign is built—Fly, Design, Lead, Predict, Protect and Explore—the Signature Piece sets a strong visual tone.



Signature Piece Opening Spread

Each of the key descriptive words owns a spread in the book’s opening section and the message is developed through the voice and experience of a student. “Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut, and I came here to learn to fly.”

Signature Piece Opening Spread

“In air traffic control, we have our own lab where we handle simulated emergency situations. We had to re-route an aircraft and correct its altitude to get it to land safely.” —James

Section Introduction Page

Four sections provide a clean structure and are introduced by the following copy—organizational thoughts that play out in cross-platforming communication tools as well:
> You know where you’re going. We help you get there.
> You expect results. We deliver them.
> You need access to world-class resources. We have the best.
> You want an experience that fits your style. We have options.

Signature Piece Interior Spread

Communicating specific experiences and outcomes is the cornerstone of this campaign, and the Signature Book lays that foundation. It’s jam-packed with internship experiences, industry statistics, starting salary information and details on the world-class laboratory facilities Riddle students learn in from day one!

Signature Piece Interior Spread

In this outcomes spread, prospects learn what recruiters from places like Boeing and the CIA have to say about Riddle students. “We recruit at Embry-Riddle because the students have the skill set and relevant experience needed to be competitive: familiarity with technical systems and programming languages, cultural awareness, critical thinking skills, and interest and knowledge of international affairs.” —CIA recruiter

Viewbook Campus Spreads

What will it be…mountains or beach? The book closes by showcasing Riddle’s two outstanding residential campus options.

Tabloid Series

To keep fresh content in front of prospective Embry-Riddle students, we created a tabloid series called Launch. So many amazing stories emerge every day!

Tabloid Series

A series of three story-based, university-wide tabloids are sent to all prospects each year, introducing them to current Riddle students and their academic and social experience.

Tabloid Series

The university gets a big bang for its buck with these tabloids as every story told and every visual presented is cross-purposed for digital communication initiatives.